Posted 03 January 2011 - 08:26 PM
Meet Shar Tahl AE[/url] (RayZaar x AE Tahlmorra (Ali Jamaal)), 2002 bay - the newest addition,
purchased from an ABN member.
Shar Tahl AE

Sat was a beautiful day followed up by a nice hot tub session at the hotel to take all the kinks out from
the long drive.

The TV at the hotel didn't have any channels with the local weather so we weren't aware of what was
waiting for us. We went to Norco to pick up Shar. Had a great visit with Kimberly then went to load our
new girl. I tossed the rope over her back and she just loaded like it was an everyday event. We
watched the trailer cam with interest as she spent the first 20 minutes examining every inch of the
trailer that she could reach with her nose and sightseeing out the window. She then settled down to
eat and sightsee. The first indication that we were in for a fun trip was when the 18 wheelers were
passing us at a great clip heading for the pass. Then the signs warned of winds ahead. As we neared
the top it started snowing. I watched the road like a hawk as I don't mind driving in the snow and icy
roads but hauling horses is a different matter. Our timing was perfect as it didn't start sticking to the
road until after we were down the other side. In fact they closed the road completely about 2 hours or
so behind us.

Next came the wind. So careful driving at reduced speed and all was well.

Next was the dust cloud, not too bad, followed by rain.

As we approached the place where I wanted to stop for the water, potty, stretch your legs, and where
in the heck are we break - it quit raining. The wind was quiet and all was peaceful. It stayed like that
until we were back on the road for 10 minutes, then more rain. She was fascinated with anything and
everything. Ears always perked and really seemed to be enjoying the adventure.

Arrived at the ranch after dark. She spent the first half hour or so inspecting her new place to live just
like she checked out the trailer. She put her nose on everything - stall, feeder, waterer, fence, ground,
tree, everything. We just watched as I've never had a horse do such a thorough examination. So she's
home, later than expected but safe and sound and that's the important thing.

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