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Posted 12 January 2011 - 09:06 PM
First I want to thank Kimberly for the wonderful job she did training Shar. While she hasn't been
ridden she has been fully trained from the ground. For those in a hurry - the short version. Shar has
settled in and taken control of the ranch, other horses, the ring, the trail, and most importantly
Pam's heart.

Monday started with her taking great interest in everything as it was all new. By the afternoon it was
occurring to her that this may be more than a day trip. The next couple of days she was wondering
where Kimberly was and when she was going home. Pam was up everyday playing and getting to
know her. By Thursday she decided that this must be home and Pam could be someone special in
her life.
Now I really like an intelligent and busy horse and she hasn't disappointed me. It all started on
Thursday when she became a happy horse again. First the latch on the stall door kept moving from
the open to the closed position. The door is always open for access to her paddock (40 ft. X 60 ft.).
Nobody has ever seen her do it and she looks quite innocent but we secured the latch. So on Friday
she removed the automatic waterer from her outside tub causing a flood. Once again she is quite
the innocent lady. So I've given her a ball - which moves around when nobody is looking. More toys
will arrive this weekend.

Sat afternoon was her first day under saddle. We started out with a trailer trip for Mayo and Begonia
to a local park.
Upon our return we saddled her up. It was my privilege to have the first ride as I love the green
ones. I seem to be able to anticipate them and have a gentle hand.

She accepted my weight without a problem and quickly figured out how to handle it while moving.
She was aware of everything but afraid of nothing. Horses running and bucking in their paddocks
next to the arena, stall cleaner banging things while cleaning stalls, or the tractor at the next ranch
doing it's thing. Mount and dismount 2 times and she had that down pat.

Then it was time to introduce her to Mayo. He was very interested in meeting her, but she sniffed
noses then looked at him like "You're old, hairy, and when did you last take a bath?"

Sun morning I rode her around the arena a couple of times then it was Pam's turn. She was a jewel.

Then I put a lighter hackamore on her and that was just fine with her. She picked up neck reigning
on the third try - my kind of horse. We then went to lunch and left the horses out in 2 turnouts - Shar
by herself. She didn't notice us return so we found her playing with the automatic waterer in the
turnout. Upon noticing us she immediately turned away from it with that "It wasn't me!" look. Now
anybody that knows me knows what happens next. I love the trail, she is totally under control, she
loves to sight see, sooooo...
We trailered to the local park with the trailer cams showing Mayo staring out one window and Shar
the other. There were several trailers, horses, bikes, joggers, hikers, kids, and dogs there. She was
in heaven.

Stood perfectly for mounting, head up, ears perked, noticing everything but shying at nothing, away
we went. I figured that Mayo would be a good influence on her. HA! She just walked away from Pam
and Mayo. Her attitude was we are on a walkabout and if that gelding was going to just stroll, that's
his problem.

Nothing fazed her but she missed nothing, even the stack of straw covered by a blue tarp, used for
erosion control.

She wanted to go down to the lake but that's for another trip.

She also wanted to explore the narrower trails but that too is not suitable for this ride. Very light in
the bridle and responsive to cues. We had a great ride. After the ride she didn't care about grazing
(Mayo was all about munching as usual) but preferred to continue to see the sights.  She was so
excited by all this that she stood there trembling with excitement.

Upon our return home we decided it was time to meet Begonia. We armed ourselves with the
necessary items to break up the possible upcoming horse fight. Begonia looked at her and Shar
looked back. Shar never put her ears back, made no noise, but got her message across anyway.
Her look seemed to say "I'm here, in charge, and if you want to make something of it - BRING IT ON!
Other wise leave me be and I'll do the same." Begonia deflated and then returned to being Mayo's
big sister. There has been no confrontation at all. They get along fine and all is well.

Begonia is very happy being #2, talks to us now, hangs out in her stall, and all is good with her.
Shar looks at Pam the way I look at a banana split. Pam just calls her name and she runs across the
arena to her or trots into the stall to see her at the window.
Mayo is Mayo - my wonderful boy.
So all is great here. Pam will take over Shar's training now and will take her out for her second trail
adventure this Sun.
Life is GOOD!