The Shar Chronicles
These are a collections of posts and stories of Shar
Tahl AE's adventures with us and her friends.
After the sudden unexpected loss of Tessyna at the young age of 22 we were devastated.
 On the ABN website I found the picture below that just grabbed our attention.
We looked very carefully at all her photos and while Shar reminded us of Tess it was
clear there was so much more there.  Tess was loving and a real barn personality and
we missed her hello neigh.
We were assured that she was a "talker" and a quick visit was arranged.  She was
everything that we were looking for and more.  We knew at once that we wanted her
be part of our family!
She has turned out to be the barn personality and the loving affectionate
horse we were hoping for.  The following pages will have posts, tales,
and pictures of her and her friends.